Voltage / power inverters

Voltage / power inverters

Durite Power / Voltage Inverters.

Durite offer a comprehensive range of 12 volt and 24 volt power / voltage inverters. Utilising pure sine wave and modified (quasi) sine wave technology we have a voltage inverter to suit your needs. A voltage inverter converts 12v or 24v DC battery power to mains voltage (230 volt and 110 volt outputs are available) allowing you to power items when a grid supply is unavailable. Inverters are regularly used within the commercial industry to power tools and also within the leisure sector, in camper vans for example to power televisions, computers and kettles etc.

Although the product looks simple on the outside the power inverters contain sophisticated electronics which allow them to cope with power drops and surges whilst regulating a constant voltage output. Using only industrial quality components, Durite inverters protect against overload, over-temperature, low battery and short circuits. You can rely on them for years to come.

Durite offer two types of inverter:

Durite inverters - sine and modified wave diagram

Pure sine wave inverter

  • Suitable for all types of equipment, due to the smooth waveform produced. Pure sine wave inverters provides 'clean' power with low harmonic distortion, less or no static or humming noise, and will also produce less heat, which makes Durite pure sine wave inverters perfect for laptops and other sensitive electronic devices.

Modified sine wave interter

  • Modified (quasi) sine wave inveretrs are a more economical inverter as the power signal is not as refined but is suitable and effective for simpler loads such as lighting, tools and motors. Although the efficiency or power can be reduced, modified sine wave inverters are a popular choice as they will work with most equipment.

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